Thankyou to friends xxxx



thankyou my dear friends ,yes you reading this are awsome

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prayers answered for BLACKDOG DAY

THANKS TO ARMITAGE CENTRAL ,LIZ FRANKS ,@EniKoni for sharing such joy .hope the larger photos bring further joy xEni Koni on Twitter Ok here one more of RichardArmitage from Liza Frank source https GQAm0zkaRa https DX8EyaUdKfScreenshot_1139390026.jpg JPEG Image 1544 × 1024 pixels Scaled 64News   Richard Armitage Central   Unofficial site for the British actor  Richard Armitage  star of The Hobbit  North   South  Spooks  Strike Back….png

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meet my companion well for this week ,,,,,pizap.com14942839092381

Have to applogise to friends for my absence , this fellow been hanging around for  while and its been hard to shift him on ,guess didnt need to much of  a trigger this time to attract his attention ,bad enough when the body lets you down but ah the brain too ,lord give us a break please ,  For all those with their own Black dog ,i empythise perhapes now we can talk freely about their excistance perhapes we may get them under control ,and not feel ashamed they exsisted in the first place , Continue reading


Congratulations on a great review 1552c157-5f0a-4c73-5f30-947cef841064sounds like a strong stomach is needed but when did that ever stop us ,,,,, Continue reading

“Audio Recording: Three scenes w/ Richard Armitage in Pilgrimage”, April 25, 2017 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1059)

Source: “Audio Recording: Three scenes w/ Richard Armitage in Pilgrimage”, April 25, 2017 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1059)


OK MAYBE BIT TONGUE FIRMLY IN CHEEK …but like i guess many am in need of a hero, well tonight anyway its 3.54 am cant sleep feel really poorly and nothing better then some John Porter to keep me company hope you enjoy the screen shots feel free to help yourself in case you need a hero too . 435dd3e5ae483b4d3c91a1190d7065acc8596ce1debe480f98fe5d7cbde81ed4Screenshot_24622ab98563504cacde1d74a0f9520e9Screenshot_5

mental Health and BULLYING silence must end ,,

mCybersmileFoundation on Twitter In our own small way we can champion harmony tolerance balance and forgiveness Another gem from our amazing Ambassador Richard Armitage https t.cttCybersmileFoundation CybersmileHQ Twitter

Ties up very well Bullying causes mental health issues ,again the silence kills learning to speak out is the only way we can break the cycle ,It can happen to anyone of us celebrity ,the ordinary man women ,child  the pain is still the same Continue reading

Another take: Richard Armitage filming Oceans 8

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